10 Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move Last Night

10 Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move Last Night


It’s that time of year again, those little scout elves are going to be heading back from the North Pole. And all us parents are kicking ourselves for forgetting to move them before we crawl into bed each night.

“Mom, why didn’t the elf move last night?”

The words that no parent wants to hear at 6 am when their child discovers that their elf hasn’t moved. As you rub the sleep out of your eyes you quickly struggle to find a reason why this has happened? You stayed up too late watching TV clinging to your quite time, and moving that silly elf slipped your mind. What do you tell your child who is looking at you with worry and concern for an answer?

I have caught myself in this jam quite a few times over the past few years since our scout elf Jack joined our family. I saw a pretty funny one last year about giving your elf a broken leg to keep from having to move them over the whole holiday season. That one got me thinking that I should really prepare myself for the inevitable moment that our elf does not move.10-reasons-your-elf-didnt-move-last-night

Here are 10 reasons why your scout Elf didn’t move last night:
  1. Bad behavior: Your child’s behavior yesterday wasn’t very good, the elf wants to give them a second chance before he has to report back to  Santa.

  2. Fell asleep Watching Late Night TV: You heard the TV late last night, the elf must have fell asleep and didn’t have time to get back to the North Pole in time.

  3. Illness: Your elf wasn’t feeling so good so he decided that he would spend the night.

  4. Kids took to long to fall asleep: The kids took too long to fall asleep so he didn’t have enough time to get to the North Pole and back again.

  5. Traffic Jam: There were so many elves flying back to the North Pole last night that he decided to just stay put.

  6. Bad Weather: There was too much snow or fog and he was unable to get back to the North Pole safely so Santa asked them to stay put.

  7. Blame the cat: The cat accidently touched the elf so he lost his magic for 24 hours. He will be fine in the morning.

  8. Bad memory: The elf has a lot on his mind this time of year and must have forgotten that he was already in that spot.

  9. He was waiting for a friend: He was waiting for his friend to pick him up so they could fly back to the North Pole together and his friend didn’t come.

  10. He was having a sleepover: He wanted to have a sleepover at our house so didn’t fly back to the North Pole last night.


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