BC Government accepting suggestions for new Stop of Interest signs

BC Government accepting suggestions for new Stop of Interest signs

Between the 1958 and sometime in the 1990’s, over one hundred Stop of Interest signs were placed near roadways throughout British Columbia to commemorate historic people and places throughout the province.

In late 2015 Heritage BC and the BC government reached out to the public for help in locating and assessing the location, content, and condition of those landmark signs.

139 Stop of Interest signs were catalogued; and it was discovered that have been moved, are in need of repair, or are missing entirely. A map with inventory of all of the current Stop of Interest Signs can be viewed on the Government of BC website. Reparations, updates, and replacement of the signs are currently underway.

The next phase in the Stop of Interest Sign project will include the addition of 75 new signs. The Government of BC is currently accepting suggestions from the public about where these signs should be placed, and the stories that will be shared on them. As of January 10th, 2017, 225 suggestions have been received.

Submissions will be accepted until January 31, 2017. Submit your idea for a Stop of Interest sign here.

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