Abbotsford BC, Fall Fun At Willow View Farms

This past weekend my husband was out of town for work, after a day of rain left us stuck in the house we needed to find something fun to burn off some energy. After some brainstorming with the kids, we decided that we would go apple picking. We packed up some snacks and headed across […]

8 Must Have Items For Back To School

As summer vacation comes to an end our minds quickly shift into back to school mode. It’s time to prepare ourselves and our children for the new school year ahead. It is one thing to get all the supplies required by your child’s school but there is much more to consider when preparing. We thought […]

BC, Top Apple Orchards in Metro Vancouver

It is that time of year again, apple season. One of the great joys of living in the Metro Vancouver area is that there is no shortage of farmers to support. This is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community and also get in some great family time. Each year my […]

Abbotsford BC, Maan Farms Country Experience

When my family was visiting from Nova Scotia we decided to take a visit over to Maan Farms to pick some strawberries. With this being our first year living in Abbotsford we were excited to check out a new attraction in the area. The morning we went to the farm was the morning after a […]

A Confession From a Mother of Three Boys

I wanted a girl… There you go I said it, this is something that weighs on my mind a lot. I would never trade my 3 little boys for the world but, of course, I wanted a daughter. So please stop asking! When we made the choice to have our third child we knew that […]

BC, Metro Vancouver Staycation Bucket List

Summer vacation is here, the moment we have been counting down for since the start of June. Though my kids would love to spend their Summer Break travelling (Disneyland & Legoland are on their radar) that is just not in the cards. My husband has already used up his holiday time for the year in […]

8 Things To Keep In Your Car During The Summer

On the first day of Summer, I thought that it would be fitting to share with you what I keep in my van at all times during this season. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl when it comes to Summer, I do try to plan something each day […]

BC, Metro Vancouver Summer Night Markets 2016

With the warm weather Metro Vancouver’s Summer Night Market scene comes alive. With a variety of Food trucks and Farmer’s Market items for all to enjoy. These markets are a great way for our communities to come together to support our local artisans and farmers, as well as to give back to our economy. Here is […]

BC: 12 Beautiful Lakes in the Metro Vancouver Area

We are extremely fortunate here in the Metro Vancouver area that we have so many stunning lakes that are within driving distance. One of the best parts of living in this area is the different variety of lakes that are right at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for white sandy beaches or a peaceful fishing trip […]

BC, Metro Vancouver: Top Berry Farms

U-pick season is upon us, one of my favorite times of the year. Each year I like to get out to a local farm with my family and spend the afternoon picking some locally grown juicy berries. This is a great way to teach your children about where food comes from and supporting your local […]