Prepare For Back to School With Stick 2 Me

We are deep into summer vacation mode in our house and, as I watch my boys rapidly grow out of clothes and shoes, my mind quickly wanders towards back to school. The need for new shoes, clothing, backpacks and school supplies looms as the summer quickly passes us by. Back to school can be a costly time […]

Danish Designed Clothing For Babies and Kids – Wheat Canada

I spend a lot of time browsing online for children’s clothing and whether it’s the styles offered or the colors available, I often find myself thinking that it all just looks the same. This fall I was excited to stumble across something a little different. Wheat Canada is an online clothing store offering Danish designed clothing […]

Doonbug Designs – Belts Designed With Kids In Mind

“Pull up your pants!” These are words that are coming out of my mouth numerous times a day to my two older boys. They never seem to have a pair of jeans that will fit them without falling down at the waist and turn them into little plumbers. I have been on the search for […]

Newly Released Makeup By ONE DIRECTION! #Review

My daughter Keira and I recently had the fun of trying out the Liquilights Glow Gloss and Rock Me Nail Kit from the all-new Makeup by ONE DIRECTION line.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

I often walk through the beauty aisle when I’m at a store, admiring the pretty nail polishes and pens and all the other fancy nail art gadgets on the markets these days. And then I walk away without buying anything. The thing is, I’m a nail biter. Wearing nail enamel just seems to exacerbate the problem. […]