Zakia’s Morocco: Moroccan Beauty Products Review

Please note: We still think these products are super, but want to let you know that this post was written before EH Canada switched to writing about Canadian products almost exclusively. Zakia’s Morocco is a US brand that does not operate any part of it’s business within Canada. I recently had the opportunity to try […]

Lou Lou Lollipop Finery Teething Jewellery Review

Meet Marcus! Baby #3 in our house, so you would think that by now I would have this teething thing down. It is said that you should not compare your babies as every baby is different and it really is the case. My first two boys were terrible teethers, they would scream, drool, bite and […]

Jord Wooden Watch Review

I’m loving the more frequent sunny days lately, and have been slowly pulling all of my spring and summer clothing from the back of my closet and drawers. Each year I get excited to pair some of my old favourites with a few new pieces of warm weather wear for an updated look. And, now that our necks and arms are being bared, […]

K2H Lockets Mothers Day Giveaway!

Each year when Mother’s Day rolls around my husband asks me what it is I would like for Mother’s Day. And usually I answer with I just want to spend time together with our family, let me sleep in or I want to go for a pedicure. Well this year is a bit different, with […]

Zax’s Original Creams Review

  Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to experience using a couple of Zax’s Original Creams products for myself. Developed by a pharmacist, these natural creams are made right here in Canada!

Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening System Review

Note: This post was written before we moved to featuring Canadian brands exclusively. Smile Brilliant is a US brand. Towards the end of last year, as I contemplated personal changes that I would like to make for 2015, I kept coming back to the thought that I would love to make more time to care for myself and my appearance. […]

Skincerity Nightly Breathable Masque by NuCERITY

Skincerity comes in liquid form and is applied using a roll-on dispenser. It is recommended that the product is used nightly before going to bed and removed in the morning with warm water. A breathable polymer skin barrier that was originally developed to help deliver and increase the effectiveness of topical medications, Skincerity is an innovative skin care […]

Hush Puppies Lindy Chamber Boots #HolidayGiftGuide

  What better time to try on my new Hush Puppies Lindy Chamber boots than after the first snowfall of the season! I excitedly slipped my feet into the knee-high leather riding boots, and as I zipped them up I marvelled at the fact that I finally have a pair of boots that aren’t too loose around my calves. […]

KISS InstaWave Fully Automatic Curling Iron #Review

I had fun testing out the KISS InstaWave tangle-free curling iron. I’m a no fuss kinda girl when it comes to getting ready, so if it isn’t simple – then it’s not for me. It took a few tries to get the hang of making a nice curl with the InstaWave, but now that I’ve got […]

Chewbeads Jewellery and Teething Toys #HolidayGiftGuide

SIX! That is the number of necklaces that have been lost or broken over the years due to one of my sons pulling at or chewing on them. And if they were not lost or broken they were covered in drool from my sons chewing and sucking on the cold chain to sooth their aching […]