How To Personalize Your Child’s Room With Wall Art

We have been living in our new house for over a year now and there is one room in the house that we haven’t completely made our own yet, our little boys’ room. These two have always shared a room and will for many more years to come. On one side of the room, you […]

The Book Of Mormon – In Review

I’m not ashamed for toe tapping in my seat when the African tribe sang and danced to their version of the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” while they did a dance that included giving God ‘the bird”! I warn you now that for a religious-themed show, there’s a lot of foul language and it covers […]

TUTS Has Brought A Summer Of Love To Vancouver – In Review

Last week I had the pleasure to venture outside of my role of Mommy and make a trip to Vancouver. I travelled into Stanley Park’s Malkin Bowl to take part in the opening nights of Theater Under the Star (TUTS) performances of Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and West Side Story. As my sister and I walked through […]

How I Rid My Bathroom Of The Little Boy Smell

“Lift up the toilet seat!” As a mother to 3 young boys, this is something that you will hear come out of my mouth several times per day.  In our house, my struggle to have a fresh smelling bathroom is an ongoing battle. Little boys are the wildest of all animals and just can’t seem […]

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Friends Across Equestria on DVD

I have been a huge fan of my Little Pony since I was a young girl, being a mother of 3 boys I never thought that I would be able to share my love with my children. But alas I was wrong, my middle son is a huge fan of My Little Pony and was […]

Lakota Natural Herb Pain Relievers

Being in a car accident last year has really affected my everyday life as I deal with the aches and pain that come along with the back pain and soft tissue damage left behind. After much chiropractic care and numerous tries of different over the counter pain relievers, most days I am still left in some sort of […]

i-Exit Escape Rooms on Granville Street

Monday evening I attended a YVR Bloggers event at i-Exit downtown Vancouver. As an avid ‘escape room’ player, (I have done about ten rooms with five different companies, and escaped all but one…) I was excited to try out a location I hadn’t attended before. If you haven’t heard of the escape room craze, let […]

Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series Comes to DVD

Power Rangers… TIME FORCE! TIME FORCE! Our family is a very busy one with boys in school, swimming, scouts and the list goes on. So when it comes time to wind down at end of the day we like to spend our try snuggled up on the couch with a nice big bowl of popcorn […]

Relax, Recover, Recharge – Float Sense North Burnaby

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the opening of the new Float Sense location in North Burnaby. When I arrived on site I felt immediately at ease and calm. The establishment is aesthetically pleasing to the senses with artwork, plants, books and furniture all strategically placed. I have been recovering from a car […]

The Polar Express Chugged Back into Squamish

This past weekend my family and I had the pleasure of attending the Polar Express at West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish. Upon arrival at the Park we were greeted by friendly volunteers who showed us our way to the ticket booth where we were able to pick up our “golden tickets” to ride […]