(BC) Temporary Support Payments For Parents of School-Aged Children


The British Columbia Government has made an “Education Support” payment available to parents in BC.

Primary caregivers who register for the program will receive $40.00 per day, per school-aged child (age 12 years and younger), for all days that their child misses school due to the labour dispute.

For those hoping that this support will help relieve the cost of added childcare during the strike, unfortunately it does not look like this will be the case. While claiming to have created this program in order to “ease the impact” of the strike, the government will not actually be distributing payments until AFTER the strike ends.

It’s hard to keep my opinion to myself on this topic, as I become increasingly unimpressed with the tactics being used by the BC government to pressure teachers, and sway parents away from supporting them.  I categorized this post as a freebie for lack of a better term, but the cost feels very high on this one, with the future of our children’s education system at stake.

ENTER HERE to claim your Temporary Education Support Payment.


What are your thoughts on the BC teachers strike? Which side (if any) are you on, and why?

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