Big Mouth Masks Review

Big Mouth Masks Review

bigmouthmasksAbout the Product

Along with the Blobbits we recently reviewed, my family was sent some Big Mouth Masks to try out.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? And it totally is! A Big Mouth Mask is a paper mask with a simple to use handheld piece that makes the marionette-like mouth on it open and close. No batteries required! Each kits comes with two masks, 6 pieces of heavy white card stock, and adhesive strips.

They can be ordered online through, and for a limited time, there is a two-for-one deal available!

bigmouthmaskstigerMy Experience

I have begun to notice a pattern lately when I try a new product… I can be a bit of a worrier, and this time around was no different. I found myself fretting that I would print the mask template wrong, cut it wrong, tape it together wrong, cut the eyes out wrong, or mess it up in some other irreparable way.

As it turns out, the process is pretty simple. We made a few little mistakes along the way but they were all easy to fix and didn’t show at all in the end.

My daughters had their hearts set on being animals, so when I visited the Big Mouth Masks website I was happy to see that they had three ready-to-print templates to choose from – a tiger, a panda, and a monkey. With the click of a button we were on our way.

I first printed the tiger, and my 6 year old helped with cutting it out. We used a couple of the double-sided adhesive strips included in the package to paste it together and voila! Our mask was ready to go in only a few minutes.

bigmouthmasksmonkeyFor the second mask we made a monkey. After one success, I was ready to try my hand at making an even bigger mask. I headed back to the animal templates and printed the monkey onto three sheets of card stock.

Making a bigger mask is just as easy as making a smaller one. The only difference was that we had an extra piece to tack on, so it took a minute longer to make. The parts were easy to line up and there were enough pieces of tape included in the kit to secure them well. I recommend taking a few seconds longer to make sure you get this part right, because I gave the mask a little tug after attaching everything and the adhesive is very strong. No need to worry that the pieces will fall off!

The kids have been having a lot of fun running around the house playing with these, and have been putting on a show for everyone who comes by. I love toys that encourage laughter, and these masks do just that. They’d be lots of fun to add as a finishing touch for a Halloween costume too!

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