Canadian Living’s 60-Day Holiday Countdown Giveaway (2016)


It seems that a few people have been carried to our site in search of this year’s Canadian Living Holiday Countdown giveaway, as we shared information about the 2014 contest. While we don’t often promote the giveaways of other sites anymore, I thought that I would share some information (and a link) to this year’s Canadian Living 60-Day Holiday Countdown Giveaway so that you guys can get to the page that you came here looking for!

Canadian Living 60-Day Holiday Countdown Giveaway Prize #2

This week Canadian Living is offering the chance to win a beautiful Laurentia Parka from Quartz co. valued at $829.00 CAD.

This giveaway will be open until 11:59pm (timezone not specified) on November 7, 2016. Be sure to tick the box to receive updates on future giveaways after entering if you’d like to stay up to date on future contests in this series. I am unsure whether or not they will be hosted on the same link as this one, which you can ENTER HERE.

Update Nov 8, 2016: The link above expired so I’ve removed it, but I’ve found a link to the main page for this giveaway series which should be updated regularly by Canadian Living as each giveaway ends/begins. ENTER HERE for your chance to win a different prize each week up until the end of this year. The final giveaway in the Canadian Living Holiday Countdown – 60 Days of Giveaways contest series ends on December 31, 2016.

This weeks prize (contest open today until Nov. 13, 2016) is a Saeco Moltio Coffeemaker, valued at $2500.00 CAD!!


Please keep in mind that EH Canada is NOT running this giveaway. For any questions or concerns related to it, please view the complete rules and regulations or contact Canadian Living.

Best of luck!


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