How you can stand up for clean water

Clean drinking water… Did you know that 663 million people lack this simple human right? It seems like such a simple and natural resource that most people in the world take for granted. But each day millions go without with basic human right. This year Brita Canada has continued their partnership with WE on a sustainable change […]

Caddle: Canada’s Newest Cashback App

Have you heard about Canada’s newest Cashback App? This is a 100% Canadian Owned and Operated Company, Caddle is a smartphone app and website that gives you cash back. As a Caddle users you are asked to  engage, give feedback and make purchases and for this you earn money. Caddle is unlike any other cashback apps out […]

New Glamulet Pink Limited Charms For Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we here at EH Canada want to encourage both women and men around the world to be proactive about their breast health. By developing an early detection plan and maintaining healthy habits we can help both to reduce our risks, as well catch the disease much earlier on if it does develop. “Breast Cancer […]

Athena Organic Farm + Eco Retreat – A Local Investment Opportunity

We are seeing a huge shift in consciousness over recent years as individuals question not only what’s in the food they’re buying, but also where it’s coming from. We’ve all heard time and again the hazards of exposing our bodies to the many additives and pesticides that conventional foods often contain, and that has a lot of us worried. […]

Cuddle+Kind Hand-Knit Dolls Help Feed Children in Need

Sometimes, you hear about an initiative that you just instantly connect with, and for me Cuddle+Kind is one of those projects. The thought of the many families around the world living in such poverty that they are unable to give their growing children the nutrition that their bodies need, breaks my heart. Due to the enormity of […]