Create a Litter-less Lunch With Tupperware!

Create a Litter-less Lunch With Tupperware!

Create a Litter-less Lunch with Tupperware

It has been estimated that on average a school aged child using disposable lunch items generates about 67 lbs of waste per school year. That is CRAZY! That is more than my school aged child weighs. This school year I am going to be changing my behavior in hopes to reduce the impact that my family is making on the environment. I have decided that we are now going to be a Litterless Lunch family moving forward.

Here are some of the items that we are going to be using this fall:

Lunch-It Container: This is a 3 compartment container with one 340 ml/1 1/3 cup and two 105 ml/1/3 cup separated compartments. These containers are only available from August 15 – September 11, 2015, and are sold in a set of 5.

Lunch it container by Tupperware

I was so happy to try this item as I have tried a few different ways to create a what we can in our house an “everything” lunch. Mine got to at this point was a sandwich container with reusable muffin liners. But I found that they usually would fall over and crackers would get soggy and then just wasted as my very picky eaters would not touch them. We are no longer wasting food thanks to these fantastic dishwasher friendly containers.

Sandwich Keeper: This is a hinged, one-piece container that can accommodate a medium sized sandwich.

Sandwich Keeper By Tupperware

No more sandwich bags are going to be used in my house! These keep your sandwich fresh and from being squished by heavier items in your lunch bag. These are a perfect fit for my husband who just throws his sandwich inside his work bag and then complains when they are falling apart or are squished come lunch time. Another great feature is that they are dishwasher safe.

Snack Cup: This is a 120ml/4 oz snack cup with a liquid tight seal that can be used to store fresh fruit, veggies, crackers, yogurt and much more.

Tupperware Snack Cup

These containers are perfect for recess snacks, they have an easily removal tab for kids to take off the lids with ease. I use these for goldfish crackers, grapes, raisins and those little snacks I used to throw in a plastic sandwich bag.

Animal Water Bottle: This bottle is  350 ml / 12 oz with a cap sip with the flap which is very easy to use. This is a perfect portable container for your child’s water.

Animal Water Bottle by Tuperware

What I love about this bottle is that it is small enough to fit inside your child lunch box and easy for them to refill. Another added bonus is that this item is dishwasher safe.

What will your family do this school year to try to reduce your footprint?

**Disclaimer: Some items shown here are not available is the colors shown. For more information please check out Lara’s Tupperware online.** 

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