Getting Back In Shape In 2016

Getting Back In Shape In 2016


It’s that time of year again. I don’t know about you, but every January I find myself struggling with the guilt of having overindulged throughout the holidays and wondering how to get back on track.

Last year was particularly rough on me in the department of physical health. I spent a great deal of 2015 in terrible pain from sciatica and a disc bulge in my lower back, unable to walk without pain for many months. A few of those months I was barely able to move at all; and every time I ate something that I knew wasn’t good for me I felt even worse about it than usual.

Thankfully I’ve been on the mend for a couple of months now and am able to move freely again. And let me tell you, the feeling of walking without pain after suffering for so long is how is how I imagine one might feel if they learned that they could fly!

I am ready to get back in shape!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself seeking out information online about losing weight, and it all sounds the same – drink more water, eat less sugar, walk more. All things that by now most of us have heard at least a hundred times over. So we should be able to tackle this no problem, right?! Well, maybe.

Sometimes the best of intentions just aren’t enough. I’ve found in the past that one of two things can happen to get in the way of my own success:

1 – I try to wing it without putting any kind of system in place to help me stay on track.

2 – I try to implement too many changes at once and feel overwhelmed.

My favourite tactic (as it is the one that worked for me more than once in the past), is to implement small changes, one at a time. Typically I plan out one month at a time as my goals often change depending on what’s working for me and what isn’t. I schedule one manageable change weekly (week one – drink more water, week two – eat less chocolate, etc.), and then adjust (quicken) the pace as I go along. I try not to aim for more than I know I can handle at the start. I like to enjoy a small success or two first, and then challenge myself a little more as I move along.

While I prefer to work alone on my weight loss goals, I know many people who found success only after working alongside someone else, or within a supportive group of people with a common goal. I recently learned from my friend Kelly that she is offering just such guidance and support through her personal It Works! 90 Day Challenge Facebook group. Throughout the length of the three month challenge she provides a timeline of small changes to implement while using the It Works! system, as well as the opportunity for you to ask any questions, and get support from herself and other group members to overcome any stumbling blocks you may face. If this is something that you think would help you on your journey to better health,  you can connect with Kelly through her website, or on Facebook.

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