Get Organized This School Year With More Time Moms

Get Organized This School Year With More Time Moms

Get Organized This School Year With More Time Moms

Oh Summer, you are so quickly coming to an end and so begins the hustle and bustle of Back to School! We have been talking these past few weeks on how to prepare your children for Back to School, but I think it is time that we talk about preparing Mom for Back to School!

I am lucky enough to be a stay at home parent to my boys, one would think that this would make my life a little less stressful as I do not have to struggle with the work/home balance. However, this is so far from the truth. I feel now that I am home with my boys 24/7 that I am busier than ever! Between school, Preschool, Beavers, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Doctor appointments for the baby, Chiropractor appointments and just everyday house work I have a hard time keeping everything straight.

Enter More Time Moms, they have a number of different organizational tools to help busy mothers keep up with all the different school activities, events and appointments for your whole family.

The More Time Moms Family Organizer®

More Time Moms Family Organizer

The More Time Moms Family Organizer®  is the original, best-selling and by far best tool on the market to help you keep your  family schedule a priority and keep an organized home. These squares are bigger than average and have enough room to fit something for each member of our family on any given day. I love that it has a big pocket in the back that you can use to store lose papers or appointment cards until you put them on the calendar. There are so many reminder stickers and space to write notes from reminders to yourself or a “Honey Do List”. If you do not have a ton of space you can also have the option of folding it in half and using this half a month at a time. School hasn’t even started and my September is already filling up quickly.

Inside you will find:

  • Lots of room to track important reminders, time with your kids,etc.
  • NEW! 189 star stickers to track chores, rewards & challenges
  • NEW! 357 appointment and reminder stickers
  • NEW! Monthly message and challenge board
  • An extra large pocket for your bills and loose paperwork
  • New illustrations and some coloring pages for kids to color
  • Telephone, Emergency and Medical directory
  • MTM recipes, To do lists, kids chores, etc.
  • Inspirational Quotes, Moon phases
  • High quality opaque erasable paper

The More Time Moms® Fridge Calendar

More Time Moms Fridge Calendar

The More Time Moms® Fridge Calendar is basically the original and bestselling Family Organizer® adapted for the fridge, it fits both standard and side by side refrigerators. I love the Family Organizer®, however the Fridge Calendar is perfect for me who does not have a ton of space to hang an calendar in my kitchen. It fits perfectly right along the side of my fridge and is visual for the whole family to see what we have coming up in coming weeks. The size of the boxes are perfect for what we need and I just love all the different stickers and the additional space to write a “Honey Do List”and reminders of things that need to be done.

Inside you will find:

  • 16 large monthly pages
  • NEW! 357 More Time Moms appointment & reminder stickers
  • NEW! 189 star stickers to track chores & challenges
  • Bigger than average squares (Actual size 1.75″ x 2.5″)
  • MTM recipes, Inspirational quotes, Moon phases, To-do lists
  • Fits both standard and side by side refrigerators
  • High quality opaque erasable paper
  • Strong magnets to hold the calendar to the fridge

More Time Moms® Family Meals Cookbook

More Time Moms Family Meals

This cookbook will help you organize, reduce and simplify the work involved in feeding your family. The meals look delicious and the most appear to be very kid-friendly.  They also have grocery lists to help you prepare for the week ahead, a great time and money savers and they also have apps for smartphones. I remember the days of being a full time working mother well and the struggle I had with getting a meal prepared. Who am I kidding I still have this struggle at least a few times a week. They have 6 weeks worth of meal ideas and tons of great snacks ideas as well. I think this book and are going to become the best of friends.

Inside you will find:

  • 6 Weeks of healthy menus: see nutrition facts
  • 126 Delicious kid-friendly meals: kid-tested, made from whole fresh ingredients!
  • Quick and easy recipes: everyone can help, with school lunches too!
  • Weekly one-stop grocery lists: one-stop grocery lists to save time and money!
  • Menus are built to accommodate most family sizes and can be easily adjusted to fit your family

The More Time Moms® Mom’s Agenda -2016

More Time Moms Mom's Agenda 2016

This personal organizer will help you keep track of both your family schedule and your own precious time. I look forward to the New Year when I will be able to keep track of all my appointments, family commitments, events, home project, and budget. This day planner has a soft-cover and double wiro bound to fit perfectly into your purse and to open wide for easy use.

What you will find inside: 

  • Monthly appointment planner calendar
  • Monthly priority planner guide
  • Weekly to-do pages and daily routine planners
  • Inside pocket for lists and notes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Special event planners: household budgets, Christmas fun, garden tips, Christmas gift list, household projects, vacation planner and more

The More Time Moms® Note Pad

More Time Moms Notepad

This is a great 48 page note pad, you can use it for your grocery list, honey do list or just a note pad by your phone to take messages, on your desk or on the fridge. Magnets are included. This is great for me as I am always making to-do lists to keep myself on track.

The More Time Moms® Sticky Notes

More Time Moms Sticky Notes

Add a love note to your child or husbands lunch and let them know you are thinking of them. Personally I also use sticky notes to remind myself of things. Like to remember to bring the light bulb to the store so I know which size to get, or to bring my shopping list (yes I often forget my list, que $400 Costco bill).

One of the things that I love about More Time Mom’s is that they donate 5% of their profits to children’s charities and their titles are printed in North America and assembled at handicap work shelters where possible.

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Prize (1 winner) –

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    • 2016 Original #1 Bestselling Family Organizer,
    • Mom’s Agenda,
    • Mom’s Note Pad
    • A set of Mom’s sticky notes.

Disclosure: I was provided with this product to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.

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