Get Organized with Lovable Labels Toy Bin Labels

Get Organized with Lovable Labels Toy Bin Labels

Get Organized with Lovable Labels Toy Bin Labels

Like any mother I am sure I am not the only one that struggles to keep their kids toys and game organized. I have tried many different toy shelfs and methods to keep all these toys in their correct home with no luck, until I found Lovable Labels Toy Bin Labels!

Before Lovable Labels

We do clean up time about 30 minutes before dinner time in our house and I have found lately that even though we have lots of storage space the kids are still not sure where things belong. Lovable Labels toys bin labels not only have the name of the toy/item on the label but a small picture of what belongs in the bin.

With having a 3 and a 6-year-old this has really helped with our clean up routine. Zachary can read the words on the labels whereas if it is Nathan cleaning up a mess he can look at the picture and find the correct home. I am no longer having to sort through toy bins to put things in their home. And we do not have the 1 toy bin that just won’t push into the shelf before everything that was on the floor is now inside it.

After Lovable Labels

What I love about this kit is that you get a label for so many different items but if you are missing one you have a few sheets of blank labels so you can make your own. These labels are super easy to apply, just wash and dry your bin and apply.

Lovable Labels Toy Bin Labels


Price: $13.95

Colors: White Label with Green Text and full-color graphics

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick, Toy Symbols on labels as well as text

Each Pack contains over 50 pre-printed labels

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