Are you wondering what you can do to help promote your giveaway?

While we do promote Amplified Giveaways on our site extensively, we want you to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Below I’ve listed the simple actions that you can take to help give your promotion an extra boost – and why it’s worth it.

These suggestions are all completely optional so feel free to use only one or two, disregard completely, or leverage them all!

1) Share the giveaway with your social following – While we can reach a new audience for you, we also encourage you to share with the people who already know and love your brand. They’ll be excited for a chance to win; and some will share your giveaway with their contacts (sometimes along with a proclamation of their love for you).  You can do this simply by visiting your contest page on our site and using the share buttons, or grabbing the page link to use wherever you please. If you’re hosting an Amplified Giveaway, check out the next suggestion for an even quicker alternative.

Note – Don’t forget to tag any relevant social accounts and/or use hashtags when sharing!

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2) Retweet / share the posts that we’ve tagged you in – For the same reasons mentioned above. When you see these posts in your notification feed just give the like and share (or retweet) buttons a quick click.

3) Like / comment on entrants’ social shares in which you are tagged – Let entrants know you are paying attention and appreciate that they’ve taken the time to enter and share your promotion.

4) Share the contest with your email subscribers – Add the contest link to a short blurb in all of the emails that you have going out during the contest period, or feature it in a separate email with a catchy headline, images and description. Either way – let this group of fans know about your contest!

5) Reply to comments on the contest page – It is mandatory for entrants to leave a comment on a contest post in order to enter any giveaway hosted on EH Canada, and our readers often have some interesting things to say.  If you take the time not only to read the comments, but also to reply to some (or all) of them, it’s a great way to make yourself stand out – because most brand representatives don’t take the time to do this. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with readers and leave a meaningful impression!

6) Send out a quick message to any event vendors / partners mentioned in the promotion and request that they share the giveaway with their following too  – No need to get fancy with an extensive message. Just be sure to include the direct link to the giveaway, as well as the link to this page so that it can be referenced for suggestions on how to help support the promotion.  Send it out to anyone whose business will also benefit from the success of your giveaway.