Hasbro Game Night! Monopoly Junior Review


I was recently selected by Influenster to participate in the Hasbro Junior Vox Box, and our family was lucky enough to receive a free Monopoly Junior board game to test out.

Recommended for children ages 5+, we decided to let our 3 year old daughter in on the fun too. While she is still small enough that her attention span did wander before the game ended, she found it to be just as much fun as the rest of us did.

Hasbro did a great job in simplifying Monopoly for the junior version of the board game. The kids just loved the cute playing pieces (a dog, a cat, a boat, and a car).

With less properties on the board, and the money coming in only one denomination (1’s) it was easy for our girls to count out the amounts that they needed to pay when buying a property or paying rent to another player.  When you buy a property, you just add a little token that depicts your playing piece to the top of the space so that it is easy for everyone to see who owns what. No need to have your little ones trying to keep a bunch of property cards organized in front of them in this version!

Our six year old daughter has been asking to play this game every day since we first opened it about a week ago. I have yet to see her get this excited by a board game, and my husband is pretty excited about it too! He really loves the original Monopoly game and is thrilled to be able to play the junior version with our kids.

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