Thrifty Thursday – 5 Tips To Making A Successful Meal Plan

How To Make A Meal Plan

As we move into a new season and fall back to our back to school routines I am finding a common trend amongst my friends. How do you handle the mealtime madness?

During the Summer months, our life is much more laid back so I find myself falling out of my meal planning routine. These past few weeks since school has started I have tried to get myself back into my meal planning groove. I have had some people ask me how I manage to keep up with a meal plan when we have such a busy household. I will admit it is not always easy, and I am by no means perfect at keeping up with a meal plan. However, I do try.

One of my many reasons for creating a meal plan, aside from staying organized is to keep me on the budget. If I don’t follow a plan then I am at the store every other day and spending way more money picking up odds and ends. And just like that, I have blown our monthly grocery budget.

I wanted to share with you same of the steps that I take when it comes to making my family’s meal plan each week. When you are trying to start to meal plan it can be hard, don’t beat up on yourself if it isn’t perfect. Just keep trying, you will find your groove.

Here are my 5 tips on how to make a meal plan:

  1. Make a list of your families favorite meals: Sit down with your family and make a list of all the dinner meals that you make. This will make the task of putting the meal plan together a touch easier. You will not be left trying to come up with ideas as you go.
  2. Pick a shopping day: Pick a day each week that is going to be your shopping day. For me my shopping day is Friday for two reasons, our flyers arrive on Wednesday so this gives me two days to scoop for deals and Friday is the day the new flyers sales begin.
  3. Check your calendar: What you have going on during the week will surely impact what you are going to prepare for dinner. Take the time to jot down what you have going on each night and plan your meal around that.
  4. Check your flyers & make a list: For me, this is a key for saving my family money on our monthly grocery budget. There are many different apps that you can use to check weekly grocery flyers but for me, I love the hard copies. Each week I sit down and while I am writing my list and search each flyer to see what is on sale. If I am really lucky I will find a sale that I can add a coupon or a rebate too to double my saving.
  5. Plan for leftovers: We all have them and it is such a shame to have them go to waste. We have one night each week that is our leftover night. That is usually the night during the week that we have some sort of event in the evening.

About Michelle Bastien

Originally from Nova Scotia, she is now living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia with her husband and their three young sons. After working in customer service for over 16 years, she recently took the plunge to live her dream of being a homemaker. Her house is very loud and pretty crazy but she wouldn’t have it any other way.