Lakota Natural Herb Pain Relievers

Lakota Natural Herb Pain Relievers

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Being in a car accident last year has really affected my everyday life as I deal with the aches and pain that come along with the back pain and soft tissue damage left behind. After much chiropractic care and numerous tries of different over the counter pain relievers, most days I am still left in some sort of discomfort.

I am not normally one that would jump to take pills to deal with my pain, but since the accident, I just have no choice. There is no one else that is going to take care of my three children or deal with what goes into running our household.

So when it was suggested to me that I should try Lakota Natural Source pain relievers to try to help with my day to day pain and I jumped at the chance.


Lakota has so many different forms of pain relievers to offer from muscle pain, back pain, arthritis and even something for our furry little canine friends.

When my box arrived from Lakota I was thrilled to see all the different types of products they sent me to test. At the time, my back and shoulder were really acting up from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season so I started with the Triple Action Back Pain tablets and Back Pain Roll-On. The tablets actually helped with the back pain that I had been feeling without leaving me feeling drowsy as over the counter pills do. The roll-on stick worked well at fighting that pain quickly when needed in between doses as needed.

After the holiday season I was suffering from a great deal of muscle pain in my shoulder and arm, so much to the point where I could hardly lift my young son out of his crib each morning. Enter Muscle Pain Roll-On, the natural pepper extract in the roll-on reduces pain in minutes! This little guy is currently my best friend when I am having a bad muscle day. I also tried the Maximum Strength Muscle Pain capsules which did help with my pain but I did find that they take a little bit longer to start feeling the effects (allow 4-6 weeks of use to see the full benefit).

There have been many sleepless nights over the past year due to pain, but after trying LakotaPM that is no longer. If I am having a bad pain day I know that it will be a sleepless night so I plan to take my LakotaPM which helps relieve my pain and help me get the rest that I need so that I am a happy Mama.

If you are one that doesn’t like to pump a whole lot of medication into your system I would deeply recommend that you try Lakota Natural Herbs.

To get a full list of the different natural products that Lakota offers please visit their store online.

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