Lakota Natural Source Topical Pain Relievers Review

Lakota Natural Source Topical Pain Relievers Review


lakotapainreliefHaving babies ruined my back. Looking back, I probably should have done more to maintain the strength of the muscles supporting it when they were stretched and weakened from carrying my little ones through to term. After my first daughter, the problem was minor enough that I thought I could just ignore it. Fast forward to baby number two at about six months old, and my back had given up on me.

After a couple of years of chiropractic care, stretching (when I remember) and some exercises that I do at home to regain muscle strength in my core, my back is doing much better. Unfortunately it still doesn’t take much to cause me pain though. A little too much lifting, a child that jumps on me the wrong way – and off I run to the medicine cabinet to pop a couple of ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


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