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Moon Mail and Star Kisses

Moon Mail and Star Kisses
Written by Amanda Salisbury

This story tells the tale of a loving adult and child must be separated for a little while. The adult promises send greetings and kisses to the child through the night sky, where they can be seen no matter the distance of place or time apart. The moon, the stars, and a person’s love shine constant even when they cannot be seen. (more…)

About Jenn Gill

Jenn is a work-from-home mama, word wizard, and photography enthusiast; living in the Lower Mainland, BC, with her husband and two young daughters. Whether it be online or at the local farmers market, she loves to shop. She's well-known for scouring packaging labels for a business address or "Made in Canada" sticker, and gets giddy at the discovery of new (or new-to-her) Canadian products.