EnviroKidz Connecting Children with Nature Through Free Ecokeepers Program

EnviroKidz Connecting Children with Nature Through Free Ecokeepers Program


EnviroKidz wants to encourage kids to get outdoors so that they can develop a relationship with nature; and their Ecokeepers Program facilitates just that.

EnviroKidz knows that getting kids outside and away from screens is a common challenge for modern day families. Through their Ecokeepers program, which Canadian and US schools and camps can sign up for free of charge, they provide an interactive exploration activity that can help children to connect with nature.

The activity is a GPS-enabled geocaching treasure hunt, complimented by 12-page Explorer Guidebooks where children can make drawings and take notes about their finds throughout the outdoor adventure. EnviroKidz even provides peanut-free, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO granola and rice bars to keep energy up during this fun geocaching treasure hunt.

Last weekend our family braved the rain to join EnviroKidz / Nature’s Path for their geocaching event, Discovery at Stanley Park, and we had so much fun! By the end we were soaked and ready for a warm drink and dry clothes, but I am so glad that we were encouraged to get outside on a day when we typically would have hidden ourselves indoors. We had a great time following the clues to find geocaches hidden around the area of Ceperley Playground in Stanley Park, chatting with other geocachers at the event, and taste testing a variety of EnviroKidz snack bars. (The Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are the current family favourite!)

To learn more about this program, please visit the Ecokeepers website, and forward the information to your school and/or camp so that your kids can experience this eco-adventure!

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Our morning at Ecokeepers Discovery Day in Stanley Park, in photos:

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