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Along with all of the content from Enter Here Canada, we post a lot of flash contests and blog contests on our twitter account. These often have lower entries and better odds of winning, but also often end quickly. Don’t wait to get your name in!

Because clicking on a link that takes you to content you’ve already seen can be frustrating, we want to make sure that everyone can easily tell whether a link will direct them to a post on EH Canada, or an offer that hasn’t been mentioned on the website.


About Jenn Gill

Jenn is a work-from-home mama, word wizard, and photography enthusiast; living in the Lower Mainland, BC, with her husband and two young daughters. Whether it be online or at the local farmers market, she loves to shop. She's well-known for scouring packaging labels for a business address or "Made in Canada" sticker, and gets giddy at the discovery of new (or new-to-her) Canadian products.