Paint-Your-Own Ceramics at Cowboys and Angels Toy Store!

Today the girls got to explore their creative sides! We visited Cowboys and Angels toy store in Kerrisdale for a paint-your-own ceramics party.

The event was set up in a private studio section at the back of the store, where there was a comfortable lounging area for parents. Tables were set up and ready to go with palettes, sponges, and paintbrushes in various sizes, for our young artists. After each child chose a ceramic piece to personalize, the helpful staff members set the kids up with paint colors of their own choosing.

Handy colour charts were also displayed on the tables to show painters how the colors will look on their projects after the glazing process. The more coats you apply, the brighter the colours will be. The girls had so much fun with this art project, and we can’t wait to head back in five to seven days to pick up their piggy banks once they’ve been glazed!


After their art projects were complete, we spent some time browsing for a birthday gift to give to one of their friends at a party we’re attending this evening. They chose a Peel & Press Sticker by Number Butterfly Mirror, and gave us lots of hints for things that they would be ecstatic to find under the Christmas tree. There are so many neat toys for sale there. The Prance and Play Unicorn stick, and flowery wreath head pieces seemed to be the favourite of the girls in the 3-6 age set, and the Sands Alive was a hit with boys, girls and adults alike.


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Location: 2120 W 41st Ave, Vancouver

Phone: (604) 568-6673

What toys are your children hoping to find under the Christmas tree?

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