Relax, Recover, Recharge – Float Sense North Burnaby

Relax, Recover, Recharge – Float Sense North Burnaby

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Last week I had the pleasure to attend the opening of the new Float Sense location in North Burnaby. When I arrived on site I felt immediately at ease and calm. The establishment is aesthetically pleasing to the senses with artwork, plants, books and furniture all strategically placed.

I have been recovering from a car accident over the past year and still suffer from lots of back and neck pain, as well as broken sleep due to pain. This was my first time trying a float tank and was very intrigued to find out how this would work to help me with my recovery.

Float Sense 5

My Dream Pod filled with 1000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salts.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by helpful and knowledgeable staff who offered me a pair of slippers as we started our tour of the facility. The flotation tank room has a Dream Pod that is filled with 1000 lbs of dissolved Epson salts, it’s own personal shower stall with all the necessary things to get one through the process, soaps, towels, robe, ear plugs, q-tips, Vaseline to cover any cuts, a pool noodle in case you need extra support under your head/neck and a water spray bottle (in case you get the salt water into your eyes or in my case your mouth).

Once I had my shower I climbed into the Dream Pod and was pleasantly surprised that it was nice and warm. It was very buoyant and I automatically floated due to the 1000 lbs of Epsom salt! I loved that the water has a silky smooth texture to it, and felt much like lying in a heavenly water bed. The pod was spacious, clean, and had lots of room to move around. I spent the first 10-15 minutes just getting accustomed to all the feelings and sensations of the water and my body.

I spent the rest of my 90 minutes in a sense of calm as I let my body relax and become one with the peace and quiet. The tranquility of the dark, water and Epsom salt cleared my mind and I was able to fall into a serene sense of calm that almost felt as if I were sleeping. My float came to an end when some soft music started to play to indicate that my time was over. I stepped out of the pod and felt as if I have just woken up from the best nap ever!

Float Sense 3

The powder room

After my float session, I had a shower, dressed and headed to the Powder Room to dry my hair and fix my makeup. The Powder room is nice and clean and has anything that you could need to get yourself ready to enjoy your post-float glow. After freshening up you can enjoy a cup of complimentary tea/water provided by the staff.

After my 90-minute float experience at Float Sense, I was on an absolute high for the rest of the day. My mind and body were at peace, and I am happy to report that it really did help with the back and neck pain and usual daily headaches that I have. I would highly recommend checking out  Float Sense and their sensory deprivation tanks. Book your Float online or by phone at 604-433- 5628.

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