Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny Is Calling

Roxy-Rogers-coverAbout the Book

Author:  Emily Siskin-Toy

Illustator: Brian C. Krümm

Length: 32 pages

Recommended for: Ages 6-9*

All of Roxy Rogers’ family members have found some form of success for themselves in playing baseball, and they are convinced that Roxy is destined to do the same. But, while Roxy does enjoy the game, and plays very well, she has her heart set on following in the footsteps of her idol Aretha Franklin and becoming a singer. How will her family react when they find out that she wants to break the family tradition of pursuing a career in baseball?

My Review

I am a huge fan of encouraging people to follow their dreams, and Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling does just that! Roxy is a character that children can related to. Surrounded by the expectations of the adults around them, sometimes children are hesitant to speak up about their own desires, for fear of rejection. I love that this book teaches kids that they can be themselves and they will be celebrated by those they love – even if their hopes and dreams are different.

*I think that the recommended reading age for this book should be expanded to include preschoolers. While I agree that it is perfect for grade school kids who are learning to read on their own, my three year old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it together too! I would recommend it for ages 3-8 years old.

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