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Nestled inside the Fuller Salon in Coquitlam, Skindulgence Spa – The Urban Retreat is a hidden gem. Last Saturday I visited for a facial and was greeted warmly by the salon staff. A moment later the owner of the spa, Tazeem Jamal, PMDT, LE, came out to offer me a cup of her signature blend lavender flower and peppermint leaf tea. I sipped it and browsed the array of high quality skincare products that she has available for purchase while she prepared the room.

A few minutes later,  I was directed to a room at the back of the salon. When I stepped inside I was greeted by soft music interspersed with the sound of gently crashing waves. Although the space is a little smaller than I had imagined it would be, it is very relaxing and well maintained. I was left to change into a thick, cozy, towel wrap and then made myself comfortable between the warm blankets layered on the bed.

When Tazeem returned shortly after, she asked me a few questions about my skin type and personal care routine so that she could put together a profile for me. She let me know that she would be explaining each step and the products being used as we went along. I could tell immediately that she has an immense passion for what she does, and finds great joy in sharing her knowledge.  A clinical aesthetician for over 25 years, she has plenty of great tips and tricks to share!


With the lights dimmed, I was encouraged to take three deep breaths. By the second exhale, Tazeem had begun to gently massage a mild cleansing gel onto my face – surrounding me with the aroma of honey and lemon.

She followed that with a deep cleansing solution, and then a hydrating mist. By this point my skin felt much softer and plumper, definitely more hydrated!

Next I was surrounded by the scent of key lime pie as Tazeem treated my face to a silky smooth, enzyme-based exfoliant that gently removed dead skin cells.

Tazeem highly encourages exfoliating, and suggests that while granular formulas are fine for the body, a non-abrasive enzyme-based product should be used for the face. She explained to me that when we skip this step, the old dry skin cells that sit on the surface suck up all of the product that we apply. By removing that layer, we allow the healthy cells to breathe, and access all of the nutrition and benefits of the lotions and serums that we use. On top of that, we can make those products go further, because we don’t need to use as much!

The next step was a corn mint and eucalyptus oil acne spot treatment, and then a short massage and a combination Phytoaromatic/Puractive Mask. To complete the facial, she moisturized my skin with a collagen gel, and then applied a very sheer BB cream which gave my skin a nice even glow.

After a lovely 3-step anti-aging arm treatment – Mango Shea Nut Butter scrub, warm rinse, and massage – I left the spa feeling somehow equally relaxed and invigorated, and very youthful. My skin was fabulously fragrant, and I am excited to be able to purchase the products used during my treatments to use at home.


The day after my visit at Skindulgence Spa, I unthinkingly squeezed a dollop of moisturizer into my palm as I always do – but my skin wouldn’t soak up a good part of it. And now, a week later, my skin still feels great. Before the facial, my skin was becoming very dry due to the weather, and now it feels soft and smooth, but not at all greasy!

Skindulgence Spa on Motherpreneur TV – TIPS for Radiant Looking Skin Revealed

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, what did you feed your skin today ?”

-Tazeem Jamal, PMDT, LE, Skincare Coach

Skindulgence Spa

102-2973 Glen Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P7

Hours of operation:

Thursdays – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (later appointments available when pre-booking)
Saturdays – 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Want to surprise someone with a relaxing spa treatment this Christmas? You can purchase gift certificates in person, by phone, or online!


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