Springing Into a Healthier, Happier Daily Routine


Phew! We made it through another whirlwind winter. Days filled with heavy holiday meals, rich desserts and Valentine’s sweets – followed swiftly by a bombardment of Easter treats from well-meaning grandparents – left me feeling a bit deflated over the last few months. But as the weather warms and the pile of chocolate eggs dwindles, I find myself feeling excited and inspired to get back into some better eating habits and a more active routine!

Here are some simple steps my family is taking towards a healthier, happier daily routine this spring.


Choosing alternative modes of transportation: When my husband is at work I often ride the bus with my girls. With the warmer, drier weather we are scooting, walking or biking to our destination whenever the opportunity arises.

Eating healthier treats: Now that we’ve got a break from the chocolate-centric holidays, it seems the perfect time to make a move away from refined sugar. With a wide range of produce coming into season we will replace candy with sweet fruits like watermelon, berries, and apricots.


Re-establishing a regular bedtime: The bedtime routine fell apart for us over the holidays and we never quite recovered. This spring we are slowly working our way back into an earlier bedtime and wake up time to allow for less rushed mornings.

Supplementing our diet with vitamins: I recently learned that Honibe offers multi-vitamins for the whole family. Each one contains a complete day’s worth of vitamins and minerals, which makes it much easier to remember to take them than previous (take one with each meal) brands we’ve tried. The all-natural, melt-your-mouth gummies are sweetened with 100% Canadian honey and contain 50% less refined sugar too!  They contain no gluten, dairy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.



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