Streamridge Wooden Sleighs, Sustainably Made in Canada

Frontier XL Sleigh C (2) makes every effort to lessen their ecological footprint while creating cherished toboggans and sleighs that families can enjoy for generations. Their facility, Bauman Sawmill Inc., is an integrated company that works on every aspect from forest management to finished product in the rural setting of Wallenstein, Ontario.

Working with the private landowners of hardwood forests in Ontario, trees are selectively cut from woodlots using sustainable practices that both protect hardwood trees as a renewable resource, and the biodiversity of plants and animals on the properties. has Registered Professional Foresters and Certified Tree Markers on staff, and is always looking for new land owners to work with in their effort to obtain and maintain global forestry standards throughout Ontario.
Frontier 6 FT Toboggan D-2
Streamridge uses hardwood ash trees obtained though these ethical practices to create their high quality line of snow products. Lumber is air dried naturally for at least one year before use to protect the environment and save energy that would typically be used in kiln driers. The process also leaves the wood with superior fiber strength to flex during use and to bend during production. During the manufacturing process, the wood is processed in a semi-automated way, but every product has components which are added with a human touch. After the sleighs and toboggans have been assembled, water-based finishes are applied in dip systems so as not to emit chemical particles into the air. Once dry, products are ready to ship to retailers across the country.


Streamridge Sustainably Made Sleigh Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

As part of our Holiday Gift Guide festivities, is generously gifting one of our readers with a Vintage XL Sleigh that their family will be able to enjoy for generations to come!


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