Sweet T and the North Wind Book Review

Screen-Shot-2014-10-07-at-7.14.18-AMAbout the book

Author: Cat Michaels | Illustrator: Irene A. Jahns

Length:36 pages | Recommended age: 5-10 years old

My review

Sweet T and the North Wind is a story about a ten year old girl named Tara who is stuck inside because of the cold winter weather. She is feeling bored and impatient, and goes to the basement to visit the scooter that she got for her birthday, but can’t use until the spring. Through a bit of magic, the scooter helps her discover the power of her imagination and reliving happy memories. She also explores the changes that she’s seen in her grandmother since she was diagnosed with dementia, and her feelings surrounding the situation.

The author does a nice job of gently discussing a topic that is often hard to talk about with children, and at the end of the story she leaves more room for exploring feelings around the topic. There is a page with a few fun multiple choice questions about the story that are great for gauging reading comprehension, and then another page where the author asks readers to answer the questions (which also relate to the themes in the story), with there being “no right or wrong answers.”

I really like how she broached such a sensitive topic while including a lot of fun and positivity throughout the book. The beautiful water-colour illustrations are nice as well, and the style reminds me of the story books that I used to flip through as a child.

I would recommend Sweet T and the North Wind for children ages 7+. This is a great story to encourage discussion about dealing with the feelings that arise when an elderly family member falls ill. It is also great for encouraging children to reflect and remember happy times, and to use their imaginations to keep themselves entertained.

I rated this book 5 stars on Amazon.

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I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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