10 Free Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

10 Free Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Top 10 FREE Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer

School is out for Summer and kids are now home all day, I know that I can’t be the only one that struggles to keep them busy. My kids are always wanting to be travelling here and there and lets face it that can take a big chunk out of a families budget.

Being a single income family it is very important for us to watch how be spend our money. One thing I find gets lost is that you don’t always have to be spending a ton of money to have fun with your kids.

We have  sat down as a family and come up with this list of some FREE activities that you can do this Summer.

10 Free Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer:

  1. Summer Reading Club at your local Library.
  2. Story time at your local Library.
  3. Have a picnic at the Park.
  4. Visit your local Splash Park.
  5. Attend an Outdoor Movie event.
  6. Take a trip to your local Outdoor Pool.
  7. Go on a Geocache Adventure.
  8. Have a Scavenger Hunt.
  9. Spend a day at the Beach.
  10. Go for a walk or bike ride on a nature trail.

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