Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Loved North Pole BC

Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Loved North Pole BC


We had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the North Pole BC this past weekend. This is the seventh year that this event has been running and the second year here in the Fraser Valley.

Upon arrival at the North Pole, we were greeted by none other than Santa himself, which set the tone for the magic of the evening for our children. Santa and his elves have created an enchanting experience for children, with interactive displays, hands-on activities and live entertainment to keep the entire family entertained. We explored the night away right down to the last moments as Santa bid us adieu.

The next day we took some time to relive the magic of the night before with our children and have compiled this of the top 10 reasons why our kids loved North Pole BC.

Here are the top 10 reasons that our kids loved North Pole BC:

  1. Mailing a drawing to Santa via the Post Office station.


  1. Meeting the snow princess, as you can see this was a very magical moment.


  1. The scavenger hunt, when you arrive in the North Pole you are given a Scavenger Hunt list and you need to find all of the items to enter to win a prize. The kids loved going from station to station to find the 2 items.

  2. Helping the elves in the Toy Workshop station stuffing toys.

Stuffing toy

  1. Decorating cookies at the Gingerbread Bakery.


  1. The balloons, the kids enjoyed a visit with Twist Parties and receiving a balloon by donation.


  1. The puppet theater, the kids had tons of fun putting on a puppet show for the parents to watch.


  1. Making Elf Masks at the Creation Station.

  2. Singing, dancing and playing instruments at Prancer’s Pantomime.


1.And what visit would be complete without meeting the man himself, Santa?

Meeting Santa

Something that us parents thought was nice was that there was no certain order that you had to visit each station which meant that you never had to wait in a line. There is a multitude of space so there is no need to worry about pushing your way through a crowd. We also loved that there was something for all ages, even our youngest at 15-month-old son enjoyed himself in the toddler play section for a good part of the evening.

You are still able to book your family’s North Pole BC experience, for more details on dates, time & tickets please check here.

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