Train To Be A Jedi With Legendary Yoda!

Train To Be A Jedi With Legendary Yoda!

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There’s only one way to become a true Jedi Master. You’ve got to train with the Legendary Yoda! Luckily he’s currently accepting new students.

The hot idea for your Star Wars fan this holiday season is going to be Legendary Yoda! He stands 16” tall, has highly detailed premium latex skin, is wearing a real fabric robe and wielding a light-up Lightsaber.  He guides young Jedis through their training with, 360-degree body movement and full voice recognition. He of has 115 phrases and uses his 800 years of experience to guide you through three modes: Force, Wisdom, and Warrior. This is by far the most realistic Star Wars toy I have ever seen.

I am still not sure who was more excited about the never-before-seen Lightsaber action demonstrated by Legendary Yoda, my boys or my husband. This toy is going to bring hours of fun and Jedi action into your home.  While this toy is rated for 6 years old and up my 4-year-old son also enjoyed getting in on the Jedi action.

Learn from the greatest warrior of all time as Yoda swings his signature green light-up Lightsaber with lifelike movement. You can send him on the attack, or follow along with his advanced Lightsaber techniques as he guides you on the path to Jedi Mastery.

Learn the ways of the Force while Yoda unleashes his iconic quotes from the Jedi Order. When the dark side threatens, Yoda’s hand lights up with a glowing force blast!

While holding his cane, Yoda answers your questions and senses whether you’re strong in the force or the dark side. His voice recognition has six key phrases and he will answer yes or no questions revealing his secrets and wisdom.

Train to become a Jedi with the incredible Legendary Yoda this holiday season!

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