What, where, why, and how EH Canada uses ads to generate revenue

The writers here at Enter Here Canada are passionate about sharing uniquely Canadian content. We aren’t hobby bloggers. This site is our livelihood—and that means we need to earn enough income from it to support our families and the growth of our business.

We are constantly generating new ideas, and there is a growing list of features that we are eager to add, but we never want to charge our readers to access them! So instead, we’re using methods such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and the occasional sponsored post, to generate revenue.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an advertising placement service. Ads are auto-populated by the company and appear in a few (up to three per page) spaces that we’ve pre-selected for them.

While we have control over where on our site the ads appear, we have somewhat limited control over what is being promoted in them. Unless visitors have opted out, AdSense tailors advertising to each individual reader’s demographics, interests, and more.

Curious to see what Google thinks you’re into? You can change your settings or opt out of personalized advertising here.

What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is an article that has been commissioned by a brand to advertise their product or service on our site. It can take the form of sharing a personalized story that weaves our honest experience with a product into their campaign messaging; it could be in the form of an event listing that gets realty at the top of our event calendar; sometimes it’s something even simpler – like a branded tweet or post to Facebook.

But no matter what shape it takes, I promise you this — It will only come from a brand that we feel offers value to our readers.

Offering quality content that aligns with our values is WAY more important to us than earning a quick buck, which is why we a) only apply for sponsorship opportunities that we feel are a perfect fit for our audience after researching a company and their marketing campaign, and b) turn down approximately 90% of the sponsorship requests that we receive via email.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a website, such as ours, is paid to refer traffic to an online retailer through text links and/or banner advertising.

When a reader clicks on one of our affiliate links or banners and completes a purchase on the retailer’s website, we earn a small commission. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to recommend just any and every product to you and pray that you buy, buy, buy—because if you end up with a bunch of junk at your door and decide to return it all, not only will our commission be forfeited, but we’d also lose your trust. You’d probably never want to visit our site again. You might tell all of your friends not to visit too…

That would suck. We like you!

That’s why we’ve spent months researching, accepting, and sometimes rejecting, opportunities–and have come away from it all enrolled in the affiliate programs of some pretty awesome Canadian brands. Brands that we would have been excited to tell you about anyways! Like this for example: A post explaining the meaning behind the design on the three dollar coin that The Royal Canadian Mint released in celebration of Canada 150.

We’ve also connected with a select few international brands (that may or may not have headquarters within Canada).

We’re picky about these too. They must be highly reputable businesses and  a) sell quality Canadian products, or b) host fun events within Canada that we want to promote.  Some examples of internationally founded brands whose affiliate programs we’ve been accepted to: iTunesEtsy Canada, Amazon.ca, and The Color Run

The lack of an affiliate relationship doesn’t stop us from writing about the things that we love, but it can be assumed that most of the links to online retailers on Enter Here Canada are affiliate links–because when we like a product so much that we want to write about it, we do seek out that connection.

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