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The Sending:

Two post-secondary students have gone missing, and only Daneel and his buddies know the truth about what happened.

Mara is willing to kill for what she was raised to believe in but she finds a powerful connection that challenges the truth of everything she’s learned.
While Daneel fights to protect the people that he cares for, Mara has to decide whether or not to let go of the principles of her home.

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“Mara.” His face softened. “I’m not your enemy. I thought you understood that by now. Don’t treat me like one.”

“Understanding something and acting on it are two different things.” She faced him full-on now, the challenge upfront and center. “I’ve spent years believing one thing, fighting for this one thing. You can’t just undo that in a day.” She swiped at a lock of hair that had fallen into her eyes, tucked it behind her ear and held on to her control.

    “I get it, but you’ll figure it out…”
    “Yes.” She cut him off, her voice growing louder, higher. “I’m sure I will. Why? Because I have no choice. I never had a choice. The one thing I ever really had a choice about was to accept my calling, to be the most worthy of it that I could be. And for what?” She spat the words out, grew angrier with each syllable of truth that emerged. “To come here and find out that I’ve only ever been a pawn in someone else’s game? That the person I’ve become doesn’t matter in the slightest?”
     “But you never intended—”
She pushed a hand into his chest, despite the sting of the contact. “Intended? You think intention matters now? Look at me, Daneel, really look at me.” Daneel eyed the blade, brow wrinkled.
    “Does this blade have intention? No, because it’s just a tool.” She threw to the ground where it buried itself to the hilt between their feet. “Without a wielder, it’s less than nothing.”
    As I am, she thought.
    She stared down at the knife. The one she’d nearly used to end his life.



Author Jandy Salguero

Jandy grew up in Southern Louisiana, where her life was full of friendly faces, good food and tall tales. She met her husband at Brigham Young University, where she earned a BA in French. Her days are filled with the antics of hanging out with her two young sons.

She is currently working on Book 2 in the Senitha’s Light series, which is due to be released in early 2015.

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Jenn is a work-from-home mama, word wizard, and photography enthusiast; living in the Lower Mainland, BC, with her husband and two young daughters. Whether it be online or at the local farmers market, she loves to shop. She's well-known for scouring packaging labels for a business address or "Made in Canada" sticker, and gets giddy at the discovery of new (or new-to-her) Canadian products.