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Return to Chelsey FallsReturn to Chelsey Falls

Fourteen year old Wyatt Barnes was sent to live with his grandparents in Chelsey Falls after the death of his mom. That summer was filled with new friendships and adventure, until his life was suddenly turned upside-down a second time.

Nearly a decade later, Wyatt returns to the small town after receiving an offer to teach at the high school there. His sudden reappearance has Alexa feeling all mixed up. She knows that she can’t avoid him forever, and wonders if what started out as a crush so long ago could become more than that now?



About Jenn Gill

Jenn is a work-from-home mama, word wizard, and photography enthusiast; living in the Lower Mainland, BC, with her husband and two young daughters. Whether it be online or at the local farmers market, she loves to shop. She's well-known for scouring packaging labels for a business address or "Made in Canada" sticker, and gets giddy at the discovery of new (or new-to-her) Canadian products.